About Christina


Christina Sporrong is a performance artist and metal sculptor based out of Taos, New Mexico. Born in Sweden and raised all over the world, Sporrong evidenced a fierce artistic drive from an early age. She abandoned city life to live in the inspiring high mountain desert, where she established Spitfire Forge, her own commercial blacksmithing and fabrication shop. She teaches National welding and blacksmithing workshops to women as a means to empower women and de-mystify the process of working with metal.

Somewhere along the way Sporrong found the circus, and she now uses aerial dance, fire arts and a range of self-made props and constructions to create unique and thought provoking performances. She has choreographed several pieces including “Amortec”, a dance between a woman (on stilts) and a walking robot.

The sculptural and performative process intersect on many levels, as is witnessed through The Heron Project, a large scale kinetic sculpture that acts as a performance playground and Caged Pulse Jets, a fiery interactive sound sculpture that the audience can play. With TaranTula she invites interactivity through climbable sculpture, embedded lighting and microphones. To become proficient in TIG welding aluminum, she created SWARM, a kinetic SWARM of hundreds of aluminum birds for Meow Wolf, in Santa Fe, NM. Her latest interactive sculpture is a fiery totem, known as Totem to the Lost, depicting the fragile relationship between critically endangered species, and devastating modern technologies like “fracking”. It’s debut was at the Taos Fall Arts Festival in September of 2016.

Sporrong spends a good part of the year traveling around the country and the world with her family, participating in various shows and festivals, showcasing her large scale sculpture projects. She continues to merge the mediums of performance art and steel sculpture with provocative and exciting results. She is currently residing in Barcelona, Spain.