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The Heron Project


The Heron Project is a large scale modular sculpture that serves as a versatile performance space and also as a public, interactive, kinetic playground.

It is a project of unlimited evolution. Its modular quality makes it ever changing and suitable for any environment and a variety of performance applications.

Performances on the Heron Project could include aerial dance, stilting, circus, modern dance, theatre in the round, music concerts and more.

Technical Information

The Heron structure and the outrigger components weigh about 3000 LBS. Dimensions are specified above (in meters). The components can break down into two or three separate parts, to fit into a 20 Foot shipping container.

The Hydraulic Power Unit is a six-cylinder petrol driven engine. The control station can be located as far from the sculpture as 200 Ft. The project has 200 Ft. of hydraulic hoses.

Another option for operating the Heron is an electric power unit. It needs 220V power on site.

Total estimated weight of project is 6500 Lbs- this estimate includes tools, hardware, project components, power unit and hoses

Anchoring the Heron on ground that is not flat can be done with ground anchors in soft ground. The Heron base has leveling feet that can make up for some uneven surfaces.

Further anchoring may be appropriate depending on what kind of performance demands are placed on the structure.

Cost Breakdown & Crew & Logistics

Heron crew for build, operation and breakdown-

3 crew people with 2-3 local people helping at venue

We need heavy equipment to offload and build at destination

The heron requires a Variable Reach forklift or a (minimum of) 40 Ft Crane to set up. Anchoring and trenching equipment if needed.

Build times with heavy equipment have averaged about 2 hours.

Total build time averaged 5 hours (with six people and heavy equipment access)

Striking time was about the same.

The Heron will require lighting- which can be attached or mounted on the sculpture as needed. Lighting is not included in bid.

The Heron Video


The Heron Time-Lapse